Elevator Touchscreen

We have a Microsoft Perceptive Pixel in one of our conference rooms that was collecting dust so we brainstormed ways to get more use out of it. Ultimately, we never got to build it out due to other work priorities but it was a lot of fun coming up with crazy ideas such as: at the end of the work day, it recognizes your face and asks the user, "headed home?" and if the user says, "yes" it pulls up traffic time to get to their house. Or even, it recognizes the user as they walk into the office and plays their all time favorite song to get them pumped up for a new day at work. 

Interactive Digital Display

The start of a proposal for an interactive lobby display.  

RFID Door (Un)locker Prototype

Final project for the course: wearable computing.

Above: Early stages of the project and a cardboard prototype.

It would be pretty hard to carry an entire door to class so I opted to construct a foam core faux door instead. 


Wireframe, mockup, and final product.

To Do App

Wireframe, mockup, and final product.

HOW Design Conference

Attended the HOW Design Conference in Chicago for 2 days.

Learning to build better content from Jonathan Coleman (Product UX + Content Strategist at Facebook).

Developed a presentation to break down learnings from the conference. Presented it to several managers and the director of the department.