The Challenge

Dunbar's number is a theory which states humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable social relationships. Following this law, workplaces that exceed 150 people have a higher risk of becoming an anonymous workplace. The Southern California Business Information Office (SCAL BIO) has over 200 employees. This posed a problem. To maintain a sense of connectedness, we put a digital wall of faces in our lobby. The display in the lobby rotates through faces of SCAL BIO staff, and shares something positive about each employee.

The Vision

The keywords were clean and simple. Let the picture of our staff shine and encourage learning about our people. We had the employees answer the following 3 questions: "I like to", "I'm good at", and "I want to". The answers to these questions were combined with custom head shots to create a visual that consisted of a mosaic of animated tiles. The end result was a stunning center piece for our lobby that allowed us to promote our people and help us all feel a little more connected. 

My Role

Under the guidance of a creative director I not only worked on the user experience but also the visual design.


ui design

I developed a layout that took into account human behavior and worked around any technological constraints.


Utilizing my previous experience as a photography intern I held photoshoots for the staff that remained consistent but still allowed for their personality to shine. 

visual design

I created a set of icons to help visually represent the various statistics and information that's featured on the facewall. I also helped layout the typography and planned out the animation.


Meet the rest of the team:

Creative Director, Design Intern


Keeping in mind the purpose of the digital display, we explored different possibilities.



We utilized SurveyMonkey to create a survey that asked employees questions such as: "What is your favorite music genre?".


We explored different solutions such as touch screen monitors and utilizing motion gestures.


As we established what the limitations were and the types of monitors we would use we mocked up potential layouts. 



We established a look and feel through creating a color scheme, icons, etc. We also made sure to survey each person we took a photo of.



All the photography was done in-house in various conference rooms.



The animation of the facewall was created through After Effects. 


The final product was displayed across 6 monitors in a lobby.


final design

The video is played on loop and rotates through profiles of different people. 


As employees join and leave the team the facewall also gets updated to stay accurate. This happens on a biannual basis.