The Challenge

Thousands of lives are ended due to preventable diseases. Preventive care places the focus on preventing the disease in the first place through immunizations and healthy choices, but these choices are not always easy.

The Vision

This is an app that will help encourage members/employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote preventive care. It consolidates biometrics and provides small rewards to those that strive towards a healthier lifestyle. By tracking metrics such as exercise, sleep, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc it shows both physicians and users a better picture of their health.

My Role


information architecture

Identified, audited, and grouped content as well as developing taxonomy.


Created and annotated wireframes for the app after developing system states.

usability testing

Sat down with people 1-on-1 to gain feedback and ask questions.


Researched competitors to create personas and journey maps.



Researched not only health related companies but also apps that incorporated gamification.



I developed a set of personas to help define the users and what their goals are. 


journey map

Taking a persona into consideration, I constructed a potential user's journey and potential scenarios. 


Card sorting, sitemaps, and wireframes. 



I created a list of content and used methods of card sorting to create taxonomy.



A sitemap was created to show how the navigation should be structured and the different relationships between the pages.


System state

The system state spelt out major components of the app.



Created wireframes for major components of the app.